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How to obtain an electronic travel visa for your travel destination country ?

Before setting sail and leaving for a trip abroad, a few administrative obligations are essential, such as obtaining an e-visa. Indeed, more and more countries offer the possibility of obtaining an electronic visa, which makes it possible to simplify the procedures., in collaboration with a professional visa application agency  makes it possible to simply make these travel authorization requests, to obtain a lot of information on the procedures to follow and to benefit from personalized support.

Applying for a visa online offers multiple advantages. It is certainly for this reason that more and more travelers are adopting it, whether for business trips or family vacations. To satisfy you, Travelcheapway accompanies you in each of the steps relating to your online visa application. We take care of everything so that you can receive your visa on time.

What is an electronic visa and what are the advantages?

The e-visa is an electronic travel document obtained easily after a few steps online. It authorizes the holder to enter and stay in the foreign territory that issued it. Many foreign administrations have chosen to opt for electronic travel authorization such as ESTA USA or AVE Canada for the best known.

The application is made on the Internet, and the applicant can receive the e-visa by email very quickly. This procedure facilitates travel formalities by simplifying them and allowing you to obtain an express response. A significant time saving since the traveler no longer has to travel and wait long hours in the offices of a consulate or embassy.

The reception of the e-visa is generally done in a few days, even in a few minutes in some cases. Arrival in the foreign country is also simplified since the biometric data of the passport chip are already registered.

The e-visa allows a classic visa exemption provided that the stay is not longer than ninety days. The procedure is simple and avoids any displacement.

When to apply for a visa online ?

The time required to obtain a tourist or business visa varies depending on the country of destination. For example, for a visa for China, count 7 working days. For Russia, visa application procedures last, on average, 10 working days. Other countries may take several weeks to process your request. Find out as soon as possible from our visa service, in particular about the validity periods of the visa, in order to apply for it at the right time. Emergency procedures to obtain a visa in 24 hours / 48 hours exist for most countries, but are not necessarily available at all times. These visas are issued upon presentation of emergency documents (reasons: professional, family, etc.).

The electronic visa application for North American countries

For the United States, the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is mandatory since 2009. Only nationals of countries that have signed the Visa Walser program (VWP) are authorized to travel on the territory. Travelers must use a maritime or airline company to enter borders. The ESTA USA is free and is valid for two years or until the expiry date of the passport. If ever the authorization is not accepted, you must then apply for a classic visa at the United States Embassy.

Canada, meanwhile, has been requesting an electronic travel authorization named AVE Canada since 2016. It is essential to book a flight. It is generally delivered in a few minutes to the email address indicated in the form, except in exceptional cases of request for additional information. You must have a credit card for the payment of the formalities. This payment must be made individually for each form completed, even in the case of an order for several members of the same family.

For the express obtaining of an India visa

India has also introduced the e-Tourist Visa or eTV. The biometric information of the traveler is always taken at the airport at the time of arrival in the country and a stamp is affixed inside the passport in which it is therefore necessary to take care to keep two blank pages. It is important to note that it is impossible to apply for an India visa on arrival in the territory. If the request has not been made and approved before departure, the traveler may be refused boarding or disembarkation. The eTV is valid for sixty days from entry into the country and is only valid for certain airports and seaports.

For any other point of entry, you must use a standard visa. This e-visa is valid for a business trip, a tourist trip or a transit trip. However, it cannot be extended and cannot be converted for protected areas.

A simplified procedure thanks to e-visa Thailand

For Thailand, the e-visa service is getting operational at the end of 2018, but French nationals are currently benefiting from a test period and can now apply for authorization online on the Thailand visa platform. The authorization is valid for a period of sixty days and can be extended up to ninety days. Obtaining the response takes a few minutes, but for any incomplete file, a period of three days is applied before being able to read the missing documents. In case of refusal, it is possible to go through the classic circuit and apply for temporary authorization from the consulate or embassy. For a financial contribution to cover service costs, the site offers personalized support to help complete the files and optimize acceptance times.

What you need to know about e-visa Vietnam

Obtaining the Vietnam visa is valid for a single entry and for a period of thirty days. Since 2015, it is possible to benefit from a classic visa exemption for a tourist trip or a business trip of less than two weeks. However, it is mandatory to know the city of entry into the country, which will be the only authorized crossing point. The response requires a period of three days and must be retrieved directly from the site, indicating the request file number.

This authorization must be presented at the border so that a customs officer can put the visa stamp on the passport. The Vietnamese visa is chargeable and you must provide proof of leaving the territory or a return ticket. In the case of a business trip, a letter of recommendation from Vietnam is required.

It is also good to know that this e-visa can be extended on site in less than a week. This extension request, which doubles the initial duration of the trip, can be made online, in a Vietnamese travel agency or with the Vietnamese immigration services.

Online visa application service partner of

Our online visa application partner is a professional with many years of visa experience across multiple destinations around the world. All your visa applications, whatever your country of destination, are in good hands. Among the defining quality traits of our online tourist visa application service are:

Proximity : We are located in the embassy district and we made this choice because we are convinced that proximity is an essential element for the quality of the online visa services delivered.

Speed : We process your visa application in express and avoid you : travel, restrictive schedules and queues at embassies.

Expertise : We put a team of visa experts at your service, responsible for examining your application before submitting it to the embassy.

Confidentiality: We are committed to protecting the confidentiality and use of your personal data and documents relating to the visa file.

Our partner’s online visa application service covers several countries and destinations around the world. Whatever country you want to travel to, we have a corresponding visa application service offer covering it. So, all you need to do is submit your application on the search box and our team will take over to make your visa application as simple and as cheap  and as speed as possible.

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