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Search and book your flight tickets at low prices all year round with Travel Cheap Way

Do you want an exceptional holiday with your family ? Choose the plane as a convenient means of transport. Discover the best flight plans to guarantee you a dream destination at a discounted price. Follow our tips to benefit from good accommodation and good catering at a low price. Follow our tips for making your flight reservations. In addition, find all the constraints related to air travel to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Good flight plans for a cheap destination

Find the right cheap flight plans to maximize your travel budget. Choose Paris as the departure city. Go on a trip to Tokyo for approximately 370 USD. For a ticket of approximately 80 USD from the capital of France, discover the wonders of Lisbon. In addition, flights from Paris are around 100 to 300 USD depending on the country of destination. From Toulouse, flights to foreign destinations cost approximately between 50 to 400 USD. However, this cost varies according to other criteria (date of travel, number of passengers, formula, etc.).

For flights from Lille, count between approximately 100 to 400 USD. To reach Naples, the estimated budget is around 70 USD. Lille Faro and Lille Ajaccio flights cost approximately 100 USD. To go to Miami, count between 350 to 400 USD. In addition, flights from Lyon are offered from 100 to 400 USD. However, some flight comparators suggest a trip of around USD 50 from Lyon to London. Airlines sell flight tickets from Lyon to Copenhagen for an average of 90 USD. To reach Singapore, the estimated budget is around 470 USD.

How to make a flight reservation?

A flight reservation differs from a real plane ticket. This is a document mentioning a seat reserved in your name on a plane, for a particular destination, on a specific date. In general, the reservation is only valid for one week. To book a flight seat, it is therefore essential to buy a plane ticket before the end of its validity, at the risk of losing the amount of your flight reservation. Airlines and online travel agencies are the main hubs for flight reservations. These companies have all the necessary information relating to the flight concerned.

There is a whole procedure to book your flight ticket online through travel agencies. The steps begin with selecting your flight type (one-way, round-trip or multi-destination). Then, determine your city of departure as well as your city of arrival. The process continues with the entry of the travel dates, followed by the number of passengers. Finish by clicking on “Search”. The site then reveals a list of flight offers. Select the offer that you think is the most reasonable. Proceed to pay for your flight ticket. The success of your purchase will be confirmed to you by e-mail.

The best cheap destinations to travel all year round

Fancy a long journey around the world for a whole year? Discover the guide to the best affordable destinations to visit for the whole year. In January, start with an exploration of the capital of Costa Rica. San Jose captivates tourists with its location, friendly people and environment. The following month, visit Morocco. During your stay, take a trip to Tangier. This jewel of the Moroccan coast is one of the best inexpensive sites to choose from. In March, depart for Mexico and discover Puebla, the oldest and largest city in the country. The following months, explore Serbia, Romania and the United States.

Halfway through the year, explore Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Enjoy the Spanish culinary art in all its glory. In August, opt for Ohrid, Macedonia. This pleasant city enjoys a mild climate and a summer temperature. For the month of September, choose the second largest city in Georgia: Batumi. Its sandy beach is the scene of a magnificent sunset every day. The following month, take a getaway to the resort town of Sochi, Russia. This region is full of cultural and artistic centers just waiting to be visited. In November, discover Peru and end the year in style in Thailand.

How to find cheap accommodation?

To find cheap hotel, choose the low season to go on a trip. The cost of hotel reservations increases during the high season, due to the increase in the number of tourists. Conversely, the low season remains favorable to a price reduction in addition to a calm and serene atmosphere. Besides, avoid the tourist areas if you want to enjoy affordable accommodation. Before making a reservation, check the public transport map. Then, book in a hotel served by public transport, located about 5 km from the city center.

If you are traveling with your children during school holidays, choose countries with a different education system. For example, German school holidays differ from French school holidays. Thus, during the holidays, go to Germany and enjoy the dynamism of the nation. During weekends with family or lovers, choose business hotels. These establishments considerably reduce the price of accommodation on weekends, when the clientele (businessmen) is absent. On the contrary, the price of a room explodes during working days.

How to choose the right rental car for your vacation?

To choose the right car for your vacation, the first step is to define its main function. For multiple, but short journeys, choose the small models. In this way, you can save both on the rental price and on fuel. For families, sedans or minivans should be rented to ensure everyone’s comfort. Tourists who embark on the perilous roads must favor offroad vehicles. Another criterion, the number of kilometers to be traveled, influences the formula to be chosen. If possible, select the “Unlimited mileage” option.

In order to get the car rental booking best price, compare the price of all car rental agencies. Consult online agencies and comparators directly to avoid wasting time. Especially since the prices displayed online are frequently lower than the prices offered by physical agencies. Consider other criteria, including coverage contracts, included options and vehicle return timeframe when making your choice. Remember to book your means of transport one month before your departure date. Similar to flight ticket prices, rental car prices increase as the key handover date advances.

How to spend less on catering during the trip?

During your trip, expenses related to catering can significantly break your budget. Fortunately, these few tips can save you from paying so much for your meals. First, focus on street food, that is to say, street vendors and fast foods. These businesses certainly suffer from a bad reputation from a health point of view. However, these types of restorations are inexpensive. Especially since the dishes offered are varied. In this way, you save up to 75% of your travel budget. Conversely, avoid restaurants with stars aimed at tourists as much as possible, as well as restaurants in hotels.

In restaurants, prefer lunch formulas and buffets. These are actually accessible for only a few dollars. Another solution, orient yourself towards the local cuisine. Moreover, all the interest of a trip lies in the discovery of new cultures. Indeed, tasting the traditional dishes displayed in the small local markets will considerably help your economy. This option also allows you to taste the culinary specialties of the country. To be better informed, the best solution would be to consult travel sites, blogs and specialized forums, in order to obtain as much information as possible. Also ask your acquaintances or tourist guides to locate good addresses.

Tips and tricks to ensure a comfortable air travel

As far as possible, stress should be avoided during air travel. The best solution would be to remove all the constraints that could harm you. To do this, take a bag containing the essentials to have throughout the flight (book, bottle of water, earplugs, medication, etc.). In order to compensate for the hours of boredom in a seated position, take a long walk before the boat. Have a light meal (salad, sandwich, etc.) before departure and avoid soft drinks. If possible, opt for the seats at the end of the row to avoid disturbances when you have to get up. Then, it is essential to hydrate regularly to avoid drying out the throat.

The clothes to wear during the entire plane journey are of paramount importance. Also, forget about skinny jeans and non-stretch denim. These clothes clog the blood vessels and prevent the regular circulation of blood. Opt for stretchy pants to guarantee your comfort. As shoes, prefer sneakers over a pair of cashmere socks. Avoid open shoes like heels and sandals. A shawl or scarf can be used as an accessory to your outfit. These strips of fabric must cover you in order to avoid colds following the air conditioning. The goal is to cover your entire body, to prevent possible diseases caused by bacteria present in the device.

How to prepare for a plane trip?

To get tickets at low prices, the main rule is to reserve your place as soon as possible. Between national airlines, low-cost companies and travel agencies, you benefit from a wide choice of points of sale. Unlike low-cost airlines, airlines include in their price the management and handling of checked baggage. Before departure, an inspection of the documents is required. Check your plane tickets. Moreover, duplicate a photocopy if necessary. Bring all proof of reservations for tours and excursions, car rental and hotel. Bring your valid identity documents (passport, identity card, etc.).

Before boarding, inspect your suitcase. In the cabin, the companies only allow one piece of luggage per passenger. Allow the weight and size of your suitcase according to the maximum allowed. Review the prohibited products on your airline’s website pages. The names and addresses on the suitcases must be written legibly. To reach the airport, choose the shuttle with Bus Direct to get your trip off to a good start. These means of transport seem cheaper than taxis. Arrived at your destination, constantly watch your luggage. In addition, all electronic devices must be charged and in working order or risk being confiscated. This regulation applies to passengers traveling to the United States.

Airplane baggage

The number and total weight of baggage allowances varies depending on your travel cabin. You are allowed to carry on average one or two bags, in addition to an accessory. Your cabin baggage measures a maximum of 55 x 35 x 25 cm. This surface includes pockets, handles and wheels. Suitcases that do not comply with these regulations are transported in the hold. In this case, the company charges you transport costs. As far as weight is concerned, all of your luggage must weigh between 12 and 18 kg maximum. The regulatory weight is generally listed on your flight ticket.

The airlines authorize the wearing of an accessory, the maximum dimensions of which are around 40 x 30 x 15 cm. You have a choice between a handbag, a satchel or a laptop bag and any other electronic gadget. Said accessory must be hoisted onto the seat in front. However, an exception applies to passengers seated at the emergency exit. In this case, the accessory is placed in the luggage compartment. Jackets, coats, umbrellas, items purchased at the airport and accessories for children (car seat, diaper bag, stroller, etc.) are excluded from baggage and accessories. These items are therefore permitted on board the aircraft.

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