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We are an online travel search engine that allows its visitors to search and compare travel deals working with some of the major car rental brands covering worldwide customer markets. When our visitors need a car hire deal in a particular city, we provide them with top most car hire companies with the lowest price deals, most affordable packages, and a range of car listings. Once you make an online car rental booking with us, we provide you with a rental voucher which must be carried along, to claim your rental vehicle at the airport or the pickup location you choose.

Search, compare rental offers and rent your car on

Car rental is essential to ensure your travels throughout your holidays or trips abroad. The internet has thousands of rental companies. However, online car rental booking creates certain complications., in partnership with several dealers and professional car rental companies, allows you to easily find car rental offers at very affordable prices as well as several types of vehicles to choose from.

Select your car rental offer that meets your requirements

It is essential to identify the company you use for your car rental. Is it an intermediary or a real rental company? Moreover, the difference is glaring between these types of companies. An intermediary reservation center declines all responsibility in the event of material damage to the vehicle. Therefore, the repair costs will be borne by you. Also, the best solution is to consult the site of the rental company directly in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Select the type of car that meets your needs

In general, car rental companies have 6 categories of vehicles. The city car, with a small engine capacity, is suitable for main roads. The compact car can be easily parked and is used for long journeys. Similarly, the road allows you to travel over long distances thanks to its power. The station wagon is for group travel. The luxurious car is more suitable for trips with friends or for businessmen travelers. Off-road car corresponds to long journeys in rugged terrain.

Choose the right time to rent a car while traveling

Marketing strategies derived from Field management lead to a constant variation in the price of a car rental. Like the cost of a flight ticket, the cost of a car rental changes significantly. Therefore, it is important to choose the ideal time to make your rental. Choose off-peak hours between 11 p.m. and midnight and avoid peak hours, especially between noon and 2 p.m. In addition, make your reservation at least two months before the departure date.

Check online car rental comparators like

Reservation centers and rental companies present a range of car rental offers. It is advisable to compare all the proposals in order to obtain the best price on the market. Online comparators also offer a summary of the best offers according to your needs. The only downside is that rental companies and car booking agencies wield considerable influence over these comparison platforms. Therefore, some travelers doubt their transparency.

How to find the best car rental deal on the Internet?

Inspect terms and options

It is essential to inspect each paragraph of the car rental agreement before finalizing your deal. Also, you are required to check all included items. Remember to inspect the special conditions, in this case the minimum age of the driver, the rates corresponding to young drivers, any supplements, the need for an international driving license… Dwell on the mileage packages and select the offer according to your needs. Check the included options.

Establish a complete balance sheet of the vehicle

Before concluding the rental contract, the main interested party is required to carry out a full inventory of the vehicle. You must indeed check the condition of the bodywork, windshields, tires, seats and mainly the engine. Some companies capture a few photos of the means of transport in order to justify its good condition. Throughout the trip, it is also advisable to take a few photos to confirm the presence of bumps or scratches prior to the contract.

Verify online reviews from customers

To find the best car rental companies, the best solution is to consult the reviews written by customers online. These opinions remain available online, on the sites of the rental agencies as well as on those of the comparators. Only, prefer certified review platforms to guarantee their authenticity. Indeed, social networks and any sites tend to display mainly the dissatisfaction of dissatisfied customers.

Things to consider in your car rental agreement

The rates

The rental price is partly based on the rental companies. Some companies display different rates for similar services. Therefore, consider consulting the comparators. These platforms process all the offers on the market in order to select the vehicle corresponding to your needs. To find the best prices, book your rental car as soon as possible on the car rental sites.

The insurance

The insurance contract is an essential point that should not be overlooked. The warranty clauses are mentioned in the car rental contract. Just check the options included in your credit card insurance contract. Then delete similar insurance mentioned in the rental agreement. This precaution saves you from paying for the same insurance. In addition, it is advisable to take out insurance directly with the rental company instead of going through intermediaries.

Payment terms

The terms of payment are among the essential points to consider in the contract. In general, rental companies block a certain amount, that is to say, a deposit on your credit card. This sum will then be released at the end of the rental contract. Therefore, you must fund your account to make your various purchases. In case of material damage, this amount will serve as repair costs.

Car rental services at your disposal whatever your travel destination, thanks to its partnerships with car rental professionals in several countries around the world, allows you to book your private car rental whatever your destination. Book your vehicle before your departure and your car will be waiting for you upon your arrival to take you to your hotel and anywhere you want to go.


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