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Holidays are times that should be idyllic. For this, you will need to consider several factors. First of all, everything will depend on the type of trip you want to make. Relaxation, the discovery of nature or even a cultural trip will be possible. Then comes the time to find the corresponding destination that suits your needs.

Depending on the latter, the nature of the trip will depend, some prefer to travel with family, others with friends. The destinations we have selected will give you an overview of the strengths of the city or country. This ranges from must-see sites to activities to do that will be offered to you. Subsequently, we wanted certain aspects of the trip, which often pose problems, to be resolved here. Accommodation, car rental or trains tickets booking will, for example, be essential points to know before leaving. Finally, some good plans can be communicated to you in order to make your trip more pleasant.

Some interesting cheap travel ideas

Depending on your desires, allows you to travel in different ways and above all at low prices. A cultural trip will allow you to discover other cultures. Nature fascinates in different places around the world. Several options may be offered to you in this regard. For some, sport will be at the center of their stay.

Discover the different cultures of the world

Escape is the key word for this type of trip. Making a cultural trip is a way of ensuring, especially for connoisseurs, a successful stay. The Mayan cities of Mexico and their mystery, the USA and the effervescence of jazz.

At, you have the opportunity to book several types of circuits, tours and itineraries in several destinations around the world. Take this opportunity to satisfy your thirst for discovery and adventure in order to make your trip unique and memorable.

A journey to discover nature

To recharge your batteries, nature travel is ideal. Magnificent landscapes await you, such as national parks and their breathtaking panorama. Such a project is the guarantee of enjoying great tranquility while marveling. You will be privileged to discover the beauty of the lush forests of Costa Rica or Iceland and its geysers.

A sports trip to entertain you

Different sports activities can be offered to you for a trip of this type. Have fun in a fabulous setting, whether at sea, in the mountains or outdoors. Sports halls or fields will be at your disposal. Bike rental or walking can be done for your various visits. Leave again for the Canary Islands and indulge in beach volleyball.

Combine travel and luxury

Do you want to enjoy top-of-the-range services? Thailand or the Seychelles await you for a luxury trip, in 5-star establishments. Their gourmet restaurants will give you the opportunity to taste exceptional dishes. Villas with private pools can have a butler service to take care of you.

Well-being journey to treat yourself

This is the concept of wellness travel. Some destinations have made it their main attraction. Spa centers or thalassotherapy stays are very popular with tourists looking for vitality. Places where calm reigns, so that the body and the spirit can find themselves in harmony.

What types of holiday destinations to choose?

The desires are diverse, according to each traveler. Some will prefer top destinations, others will prefer snow and finally there are those who love islands such as Mauritius.

The top travel destinations preferred by tourists

Each year, new destinations rank among the most popular with tourists. But some retain their leading position in the field of tourism. This is particularly the case for the holiday destination France or Thailand. Others are gradually scratching their share of the market, such as Madagascar. One of the last mythical trains still runs there, just like the Trans-Siberian in Russia.

The paradise of the islands for lovers of fine sand beaches

Postcard decorations and idleness will occupy the days of travelers with a Robinson Crusoe soul. A crystal clear sea protected by a lagoon, this is what a trip to the Caribbean promises you. The Bahamas or Bora-Bora will be its effigies, for a dream stay, under the coconut palms. Swimming and diving will be the main activities.

The pleasure of the snow-capped mountains for those looking for strong sensations

There are different ways to spend a pleasant stay in the mountains. Winter is obviously the ideal season. The Himalayas are the grail of all lovers of sliding sports or snowshoeing. Club hotels will welcome you near the ski resorts, such as Valfréjus, in France.

A destination like no other

Authentic or unusual destinations have many surprises in store for you. Get off the beaten track by heading to remote places in the world, like Oceania. You will put on the explorer costume. By train or by boat, it’s up to you to choose your means of transport.

Want to travel on a cheap cruise?

Cruise travel is attracting more and more tourists. Our guide tells you how to do it. Indeed, if you do not know much about it, this is the opportunity to discover its advantages and all the details to know about it. We’ll walk you through the steps to find the cruise that’s right for you.

This ranges from the type of boat, whether it is an ocean liner or a yacht, to the choice of destination. The benefits will obviously not be the same. The activities offered on board large liners are very diverse.

What makes them famous are the shows organized by professional troupes. The types of cruises are also to be taken into account, such as themed cruises or river cruises. Finally, different categories of cabins exist, which will vary the price of your stay.

Several companies will offer you very interesting offers like all-inclusive trips. In some destinations, you will even be at the controls of a small boat, if you have the means and the skills.

Be aware that you will need to determine the length of your stay. Mini-cruises will be possible, if you have a small budget. Go 4 to 5 days in the Caribbean to discover its paradise islands.

Looking for a cheap holiday to satisfy your family?

Are you planning a honeymoon or just as a couple, do you want to go with friends or family? All of these options do exist.

An unforgettable honeymoon

The romantic or honeymoon trip must be unique stays. The dream islands are particularly suitable for this type of trip. Sublime romantic hotels exist, for example, in Mauritius or in Asia, to welcome the newlyweds. The rooms have all the comfort sought with the added bonus of great elegance. They will reserve you new experiences in a perfect setting. The dinners will be refined and the spas are specially designed to welcome you as a couple.

Go on trips in groups or with friends for more fun

Traveling with family or friends is an opportunity to share new experiences.

As a family, it will first be necessary to agree on the desires of each one. For example, for a discovery trip, several alternatives are available to you. It could be a special family circuit or a self-drive. Then leave for authentic destinations, such as Bali, or go to the sun, in the Greek islands.

A trip with friends will allow you to strengthen the friendship within a group. There are many opportunities to go on a trip like this. For a bachelor party, for example, or simply to enjoy a holiday together. The party will be particularly in the spotlight at these times. Set sail for Africa and Senegal aboard a cruise.

How to get around during your vacation in a travel destination?

There are different ways to get around the destination of your trip, whatever it is. Taxi transfers, train, public transport, plane are the usual means. In this part, we will focus mainly on car rental, because its advantages are numerous. In addition, we have dedicated a specific section for this purpose.

In summary, by having a car, you will have greater freedom. You will define your own route. The car is also essential for those who wish to make a road trip, for example in the western United States or in Australia. The cost of a rental is acceptable for short stays, because beyond two months, it is preferable in some cases to opt for a purchase.

But how do you find a rental ? This is the question that many travelers ask themselves. Indeed, there are many providers for this type of service. But searching online will likely find you a great deal. Here you have direct access to the various car rental offers all over the world and offered by renowned service providers in the field.

It will still be necessary to ensure the seriousness of the rental company, based on the opinions left by Internet users or by checking the terms of the contract. Large agencies, reservation centers or the travel agencies themselves can help you with your search.

Finally, we leave you in the dedicated section some good advice to make your reservation and save money.

How to find a cheap flight ticket during the holiday periods ?

The plane ticket remains the most substantial budget during a trip abroad. It is therefore essential to know all the good plans at your disposal.

First, very attractive offers are regularly updated by the various airlines. This ranges from current offers, offering you cheap plane tickets, for certain European destinations for example, through exclusive offers, for transcontinental flights, from Paris to the Maghreb in particular.

Otherwise, good flight plans will allow you to make a safari in Africa at a lower cost. If you decide to leave with your family, promotional offers may be offered to you. Finally, do not forget low-cost flights for a long-haul or short-haul trip. In these cases, a reservation of 3 months in advance is the minimum required.

What type of accommodation to choose, how to find cheap but quality hotels during your trip ?

Cheap hotel offers are also numerous. We have compiled a small selection of the types of establishments that may be of interest to you. Click here to discover all the offers of hotels with good reputations based on the opinions of their customers, and directly on

For romantic trips, romantic hotels enjoy an idyllic setting, including a dream setting. An authentic atmosphere is guaranteed, whether for those located in a big city like Paris or for unusual stays.

For nature lovers, being as close as possible to it is an imperative. Know for example that refined hotels, in particular charming hotels, such as lodges or even luxury lodges and guest rooms. Everything is done to make you dream and make the most of your stay. Africa and Australia are the lands of these types of infrastructure.

The little tips for finding good vacation plans

Finding good deals is not within everyone’s reach. This is why we wanted to share some tips with you. Several aspects of your trip have been scrutinized so that you can find great deals and make your trip more enjoyable with

We will start with the right things to do to find a cheap flight. You must first choose dates, if possible, during the off-peak period. This is when ticket prices are reduced. As we have seen, making a reservation in advance will allow you to obtain preferential rates. Last-minute booking is also another option, but offers are becoming increasingly rare. In addition, the rates will not be the same depending on your departure airport. Finally, you can follow the promotional offers of the different airlines.

From the point of view of accommodation, certain options will allow you to make great savings for your holiday budget. Camping and youth hostels are the most accessible types of accommodation. Some types of offers even offer free hosting, such as couchsurfing.

For your trips, public transport will be the most affordable. Car rental will remain interesting if you are traveling in a group and everyone participates.

For your cruises, the advice will be the same as for booking flight tickets: book early, buy at the last minute and leave off-season. A mini-cruise will allow you to save money without completely ruining your vacation. Also, always stay up to date with promotions.

Finally, all-inclusive trips or all-inclusive vacations will have the enormous advantage of including the price of the plane ticket, hotels and, for some, transport.

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